Charles Elson "Buddy" Roemer


Buddy Roemer portrait
  • Born: Bossier City, Louisiana, 1943
  • Education: Harvard University
  • Career: Businessman, Banker, U.S. Representative, Governor

After graduating from Bossier High School, Buddy Roemer attended Harvard University and then earned a master's degree from the Harvard Business School. While he was still a student, Roemer was initiated an Entered Apprentice in the Atkins Lodge No. 266 on April 15, 1965. On May 6th, he passed to the degree of Fellowcraft, and on May 27th was raised to Master Mason.

After earning his master's degree, Roemer became politically active through family connections to Edwin Edwards. He managed Edwards' gubenatorial campaign in northern Louisiana.Roemer's first position in politics was as a delegate to the Consitutional Convention of 1973. Roemer went on to serve in the United States House of Representatives from 1981 to 1988, and defeated Edwin Edwards in the race for governor in 1987.

As governor, Roemer faced a downward economy following the oil boom. He was met with resistance when he introduced proposals to stabilize the economy, but he was able to push through the legalization of "gaming" in the state. Roemer was also able to make an impact on the effort to clean up Lake Pontchartrain, outlawing shell dredging which had negatively influenced fisheries and local ecology for decades. During his tenure, roemer also increased teachers' salaries, reformed campaign finance laws, and improved the Department of Environmental Quality.

Although Roemer was unsuccessful at winning a second term, he has been very successful as a private businessman banker.

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Member card, Atkins Lodge No. 266

Entered Apprentice, Atkins Lodge No. 266, Work & Returns, April 1965

Master Mason, Atkins Lodge No. 266, Work & Returns, May 1965