Luther Egbert Hall


Luther Hall portrait
  • Born: Bastrop, Louisiana, 1869
  • Education: Tulane University, Washington and Lee College, Tulane Law School
  • Career: State Senator, Judge, Governor, Assistant Attorney General
  • Died: New Orleans, 1921

Luther Hall was raised on a plantation and educated in public school in Morehouse Parish. He went on to study at Tulane University, Washington and Lee in Virginia, and then Tulane Law School. After practicing law for 6 years, he was elected District Court Judge, and then Appellate Court Judge from 1907 to 1911.

Hall received his degrees from Mount Gerizim Lodge No. 54. He was initiated an Entered Apprentice in April 1893, passed to the degree of Fellowcraft in May 1893, and raised to Master Mason in June of 1893. He served as the lodge's Senior Warden the same year, and as Worshipful Master in 1894. Hall demitted from Mount Derizim in 1916 and became a charter member of Ideal Lodge No. 367 in New Orleans the following year.

Hall was nominated for and elected Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court in 1911, but was persuaded by John M. Parker and the Good Government League to run for governor instead to defeat the candidate backed by the New Orleans Choctaw Club political machine. Hall never took his seat on the Court.

As governor, Hall faced formidable opposition from the New Orleans political machine and had a hard time getting progressive legislation passed. Despite this, Hall fought for tax reform and the port of New Orleans. He also fought for improved levees for the state, a position that was strengthened by a devastating hurricane and flooding in New Orleans in 1915. In 1921, Hall once again ran for a seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court, but died in New Orleans before the race was over.

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Member card, Mount Gerizim Lodge No. 54

Senior Warden, Mount Gerizim Lodge No. 54, Grand Lodge Past Proceedings, 1894

Worshipful Master, Mount Gerizim Lodge No. 54, Grand Lodge Past Proceedings, 1895

Worshipful Master, Mount Gerizim Lodge No. 54, Work & Returns, 1895

Dimit, Mount Gerizim Lodge No. 54, 1916

Charter Application for Ideal Lodge U.D. (No. 367), 1917